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US-9721519-B2: Display device and electronic device patent, US-9725257-B2: Device for handling stackable cargo units in a cargo space, as well as a method for handling stackable cargo units patent, US-9753684-B1: Printer location aware detection and printing patent, US-9788779-B2: Seizure detection based on work level excursion patent, US-9801943-B2: Method for in vivo targeting of nanoparticles via bioorthogonal copper-free click chemistry patent, US-9825089-B2: Emissive device including first and second adjacent pixels sharing the same semiconductor light-emitting stack patent, US-9841083-B2: Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle patent, US-9842762-B1: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor wafer having an SOI configuration patent, US-9864288-B2: Toner set, image forming apparatus, and image forming method patent, US-D319117-S: Litter container patent, US-D522057-S: Filing case patent, US-D665769-S: Voice recording/reproducing device patent, US-D680508-S: TV receiver patent, US-D731466-S: Audio speaker patent, US-D742644-S: Mobile device camera case patent, US-D748596-S: Television patent, US-D771254-S: Animal pessary patent, US-D771776-S: Faucet patent, US-D773383-S: Tire patent, US-D787790-S: Shoe patent, US-RE31564-E: Hyperextension back brace patent, US-8624868-B2: System for displaying images including a touch display panel patent, US-8627375-B2: Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology patent, US-8673988-B2: Graft copolymers for ion exchange chromatography patent, US-8674054-B2: Polyester resin and optical lens patent, US-8678970-B2: Adjustment fitting patent, US-8690625-B2: Outboard motor and watercraft including the same patent, US-8703041-B2: Reformed aluminum nitride sintered body and method of producing the same patent, US-8725421-B2: In vitro estimation of in vivo half-life binding proteins patent, US-8730707-B2: Logic coding in an integrated circuit patent, US-8748592-B1: siRNA for inhibition of OTUB1 expression and pharmaceutical composition containing the same patent, US-8750535-B2: Communications headset power provision patent, US-8797455-B2: Analog-to-digital converter, image sensor including the same, and apparatus including image sensor patent, US-8803681-B2: Object finder patent, US-8840627-B2: Device for supporting an elongated body and for the controlled translational movement of the same patent, US-8874101-B2: Feasibility, convergence, and optimization of LTE femto networks patent, US-8898973-B2: Building cavity ventilation system patent, US-8901342-B2: Method for producing acyloxy benzoic acids patent, US-8934145-B2: System and method of image edge growth control patent, US-8935684-B2: Loop invariant method expression hoisting patent, US-8976211-B2: Image forming apparatus, erasing device, image erasing system, and consumable patent, US-8983147-B2: Eyelid detection device patent, US-8999584-B2: Method for pre-lithiation of the negative electrode in lithium ion batteries patent, US-9016211-B2: Wheelsets for rail vehicles or parts of wheelsets for rail vehicles and method for coating patent, US-9065157-B2: System and method for reducing thermal conditions during wireless charging patent, US-9066586-B2: Modular enclosure patent, US-9116025-B2: Cam-locking dissimilar material sleeve patent, US-9116363-B2: System and method of programming an energized ophthalmic lens patent, US-9148720-B2: Multimedia output device with detection and protection circuit and audio output method thereof patent, US-9175774-B2: Radial shaft seal, radial shaft seal assembly and method of installation patent, US-9185917-B2: Brake ring patent, US-9211931-B2: Canister arrangement structure of motorcycle patent, US-9216485-B2: Quick clamping device adapted for worktable patent, US-9225310-B1: Audio limiter system and method patent, US-9232585-B2: Backlight regulation circuit and liquid crystal display patent, US-9236813-B2: Inverter with dual-range load sensing patent, US-9288041-B2: Apparatus and method for performing compression operation in hash algorithm patent, US-9311244-B2: Enforcing ordering of snoop transactions in an interconnect for an integrated circuit patent, US-9319804-B2: Method for operating a hearing device as well as a hearing device patent, US-9321691-B2: Product made from silicon carbide for shielding patent, US-9323201-B2: Sheet processing apparatus having hinge patent, US-9366547-B2: Sensor arrangement and method for operating a sensor arrangement patent, US-9393232-B2: Substituted 5-(3,5-dimethylisoxazol-4-yl)indoline-2-ones patent, US-9404141-B2: Method for detecting the presence or absence of a target microbe in a test sample patent, US-9444257-B2: Hierarchical control of micro-grids patent, US-9486775-B2: Serpentine fluid reactor components patent, US-9494873-B2: Asymmetry compensation method used in lithography overlay process patent, US-9540623-B2: Method for increasing the efficiency of double-strand-break induced mutagenesis patent, US-9577765-B2: Article storage facility and method of operating same patent, US-9600676-B1: Application-level wireless security for wearable devices patent, US-9606323-B2: Photographing lens group and electronic apparatus including the same patent, US-9634468-B2: Switchgear cabinet including electrical connection clamping device patent, US-9642376-B1: Automatic product diverter for meat processing plant patent, US-9645781-B2: Information processing device, information processing method, and recording medium patent, US-9651763-B2: Co-aperture broadband infrared optical system patent, US-9655967-B2: Inhibition of focal adhesion kinase for control of scar tissue formation patent, US-9656888-B2: Functionalized cationic polyamines and their use to reduce the NDMA formation during the treatment of aqueous systems, and applications in the water treatment industry, including wastewater and drinking water treatment processes patent, US-9668057-B1: Ribbon transducer patent, US-9668163-B2: Enterprise cognitive radio integrated with laser communications patent, US-9672573-B2: Graphical user interface for facilitating allocation of variable compensation patent, US-9697632-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program patent, US-9703093-B2: Electrowetting element with non-switchable color filter patent, US-9704068-B2: System and method for labelling aerial images patent, US-9710861-B2: Optimizing social information signaling patent, US-9711274-B2: Stationary induction apparatus patent, US-9712628-B2: Click through rate estimation in varying display situations patent, US-9725543-B2: Hexafluoropropylene oxide polymer compositions and a preparing method of hexafluoropropylene oxide polymer using hexafluoropropylene oligomer patent, US-9741705-B1: Compact ESD bootstrap clamp patent, US-9741731-B2: Three dimensional stacked semiconductor structure patent, US-9769886-B2: Flexible organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9774877-B2: Digital watermarking for securing remote display protocol output patent, US-9777534-B2: Cover opening device of electric sunshade for side window patent, US-9797930-B2: Voltage sensor device patent, US-9812384-B2: Semiconductor device having compliant and crack-arresting interconnect structure patent, US-9830959-B2: Precharge circuitry for semiconductor memory device patent, US-9840022-B2: Angled shear safety guide splitting system for wood/log splitters patent, US-9843249-B2: Magnetic position coupling and valve mechanism patent, US-9851858-B2: Touch window and touch device patent, US-9852598-B1: Swing fall protection device patent, US-9859640-B1: Electrical connector with plated signal contacts patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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